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Glad Tidings Royal Blendz, LLC


I love designing clothes that can be worn by men, women and children alike. My clothes are created specifically for those who want to represent God's kingdom with boldness and zero apologies. I walk this earth knowing who my true source is and how far HE has brought me as an individual. This is why I have made it my mission to spread the word, so the world can also experience and gain knowledge of HIS Mercy and Greatness!!! 


It's time to Rise UP God's Chosen! We are those who represent the KINGDOM proudly! You ask who are God's chosen? Those who are chosen to represent the Kingdom of the Most High, know exactly who they are and how important it is to walk this earth with ZERO apologies about their role in establishing God's Kingdom here on earth. 

Kingdom Mentality

God's Chosen walk with a pep in their step! It's something about the way they walk. It's something about the way they talk. It's something about the way they move. People take notice because they know without a shadow of a doubt that this person stands for something that is deeper than this world can see. It's a KINGDOM MENTALITY. It's a sense of God given authority that can't be bought and it can't be sold. It can't be duplicated, and won't allow us to fold. We are considered peculiar, different, even strange, but what we bring to this earth will be the much needed CHANGE. (see front and back of shirt below)