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Glad Tidings Royal Blendz, LLC

Glad Tidings on the GO!!!

Assisting the Homeless and Displaced all over Gwinnett, Hall and Barrow County

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Items Needed

Free Mobile Shower Event for the Homeless

"Glad Tidings" Bags for the Homeless

Glad Tidings Has Donated Our First Car to one of our Elderly Homeless Clients!!

The name Glad Tidings (Good News) is a term used when reminding people that God is still looking out for them and loves them despite how crazy their circumstances may appear. The name came to me during a time when my children and I were experiencing homelessness, sleeping in our car, and just trying to keep our heads above water. "Glad Tidings," is what got us through each day. Somebody stopping to give us a couple of dollars, offering us an opportunity to take a shower, reminding us to stay positive and move forward. This time was very dark and depressing for us, but we would get up everyday with the mindset that we were going to move forward by any means necessary. We would go to the library, and I would work on my vision for the ministry and business, while still serving the kingdom everyday. I didn't have a lot, but God would have me help HIS people with whatever he placed in my hands or my spirit, whether it was clothes, shoes, food, knowledge, direction, strategy, prayer or a prophetic word. We would go from city to city, state to state, spreading God's word reminding those who felt hopeless that God was still thinking of them and that the time was near for us as a people to RISE UP and take our rightful positions as Kings and Queens!!! The enemy had been able to block us out of many things, and take our homes, jobs, families, health and security, but God was with us everyday in the battle, and my children and I were being sent to remind HIS people that God still had full control, despite how chaotic our circumstances looked.  

It was like the more me and my babies fought to move forward, the more the enemy tried to block us in every way. I ended up losing everything during this time, even my children, but I had it in my mind that nothing was going to keep me from what God promised me and my babies. He promised me that as HIS children, we would live on this earth with unlimited wealth and abundance. He promised that EVERYTHING that was taken from me during the spiritual battle including my children, would be returned, and that is what I held on to every single day. The enemy tried everything to deter me from my path, his last ditch effort was to take my kids, but that only added to my FIRE. It was truly a JOB (prophet in the bible) moment. Either I was going to trust what God said, or I was going to let the enemy lead me in a different direction out of sadness and anger. Bottom line is I chose God. I just hunkered down and became more focused. I used sleeping in my car to my advantage instead of a disadvantage. I would get up every morning and go straight to the library knowing that I had to bring the vision for Glad Tidings to life. Because bottom line, although God had given me the idea and the dream, it was my responsibility to make it into a reality, no matter what situations I faced. Regardless of the roadblocks placed in front of me. So, as I worked towards building a future for me and my children, I continued to serve the Kingdom and let God continuing using me as a vessel to help others until things shifted in my favor and my dreams became a reality. 

I learned that homelessness, has many different layers, but the worst effect it has on most is the killing of the spirit. You can go back to work, you can get a new place, you can get off drugs or alcohol, but without restoration of the spirit, there will always be an uphill battle or recurrence of homelessness. I am a certified Life Coach or as I like to be called "Breakthrough Coach". I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my Associates and Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. I have written a book, which sold all over the world. I have owned successful businesses, but unfortunately I too ended up in the vicious cycle of homelessness. The best way I can describe homelessness, is like a spider web, where the more you try to get out the more tangled in the web you become. It becomes a part of you and you a part of it. It becomes your identity. It was like every time I would get back up, something else would knock me back down. Resources were withheld from me from agencies when I was qualified to receive them. I was constantly blocked from job opportunities, housing, and financial resources. I even had an agency post my story and take the funds that were sent for me and my children. It felt like the twilight zone. I never would have thought it could happen to me, but guess what, now I fully understand, it's way deeper than finding a job or getting a place, it's a full dismantling of a persons identity. You get so beat up in the process of survival that everything else becomes secondary. You have no energy or mind space to focus on anything else but survival, and how you are going to eat, or where you are going to sleep. Homelessness is not only debilitating, the experience is paralyzing, and if you are not careful you can get stuck and never regain your footing or your life. 

If it was not for the Most High I would still be in the web set up by the enemy, full of discouragement, disappointment, set-backs, and roadblocks. He allowed me and my babies to go through the full experience from sleeping outside, taking baths in park bathrooms, having to find a place to put together a meal or park my car, where nobody would discover me or my children. Although it was a crazy experience, I know now it was for the purpose of our ministry. If I was going to have a ministry that supported the homeless, I needed to walk the walk. I needed to feel exactly what it was like not to have a place to lay my head on some days, not knowing where me and my babies would bathe or eat. Or finally getting a room in a motel, where you are paying almost $400 a week, but quickly finding out that bed bugs and roaches were going to be sharing your space as well. It was really a humbling experience, sometimes even traumatizing, but I knew God was using it for a purpose greater than me. 

This was my life...God always allowed me to go through something and come out on the other side so I can show others the way out. There is a way out but it's deeper than what I thought before I experienced it myself. Homelessness like a club you become a part of. You help each other along, even though you don't have anything yourself. You offer help and assistance, and the next person offers it to you. I met some of the kindest and most beautiful souls who had lost everything in their lives, and all they had was a backpack with what was left. They all had a story of who they were before, the jobs they had, the families they lost, the houses and cars. Before, I would not have understood, but now I heard their stories in a different light. We all have a "story," We often meet people where they are currently and we forget this is not where they started. What happened to derail their lives? What happened to make them spiral and sometimes give up on life? When you are homeless sometimes it feels like you are invisible. You somehow get lumped in with every other homeless person. Imagine that. If you are dressed too nice, then nobody wants to help you, or believes you are homeless. But if you look unkept then you are labeled as unmotivated, lazy, looking for a hand out, or refusing to get a job. Nobody can TRULY hear what you are saying, and lets just keep it real, most of the time they already have in their mind who you are, and why you are homeless.  It's  a lonely and isolating feeling, which only those who have been a part of the "club."

Imagine having an interview while you are sleeping outside or in your car, you find an outfit but don't know how you will iron it. Where do you bathe and brush your teeth, especially when most public places are banning people from the restrooms unless you make a purchase,  but, you don't have any money. Or what if you don't have a car, where does the money come from for you to take a taxi or bus? Or what if the job needs a phone number or address to place on your application or to call you for further information...what do you do? These are a few questions the homeless has to face as they are moving along on their journey. If they have all of their belongings where can they be stored? There is no money for a storage unit, and they don't know anyone who can hold on to it for them. This is what happened to me and my babies. We lost every single item we owned, old photographs, baby pictures, report cards, ultrasounds, and mementos my four children made for me ranging from over twenty years ago. This was a truly traumatic experience for me. After this happened, we only had what was on our backs, and any memories we had to remind us of where we came from was gone. It hurt deeply, but at this time, there was no time to grieve, so we had to roll with the punches and keep it moving. Because bottom line, it was all about survival. When you are homeless, everything that is happening to you and around you is taking a little piece of you each time. You are just trying to get through the day. Anything else becomes overwhelming. Unfortunately covid was even more devastating for the homeless. While everything was closing down and people were hiding in their homes trying to stay protected from covid, me and my children were outside, rain, sleet or snow. Sometimes with no where to go, or no way for them to complete their school work. 

I am only sharing my story because I am praying that it will give you a glimpse into the life of a "homeless" individual. I understand completely that it is not a one size fits all solution to end homelessness, but if we can touch one person at a time, this is where the healing begins. Today, I am not only looking for donations; I am asking that you take a moment to hear someone else's story. Who are they? Where did they come from? What were their dreams before life happened to them?

Glad Tidings will meet people where they are no matter where they are in the counties we serve. We not only make sure they have the resources they need to get through the day, we will also provides services for resume writing, job and public assistance applications,  interview coaching and clothing, identification cards/drivers licenses, birth certificates and anything else we can to move an individual closer to complete restoration.

We also will provide welcome baskets for those who are coming off the street and into a hotel/motel situation. We would like to provide each client with a welcome basket to give them a head start, because many times they are arriving with no money or items to get them off to a good start.

You can purchase and give the items directly to our ministry, or send the money with a short note explaining where you would like the money to be allocated. 

~God Bless

Donate Today!!!!

No donation is too small! Every little bit helps!!!

Items Needed:


Laundry Cards/Detergent

Storage Units 

(1 month, 3 months, 6months, 12 months)

Cell Phones (New or Used)

Cell Phone Minutes

Chargers & Charger Heads

Hotel/Motel Vouchers

Transportation Vouchers



Religious Materials 

(Bible, Quran, Prayer Rugs, Head Coverings)

See other Items

Items Needed:


Undergarments (Panties & Bras)

Hygiene Products

(Maxi Pads, Tampons, Deodorant, Wipes)






Hand Sanitizer/Wipes


Make-up/Beauty Supplies

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Items Needed:


Undergarments (Boxers & Underwear)

Hygiene Products

(Deodorant, Body Spray)






Hand Sanitizer/Wipes

First Aid Kits


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Donate Today!!!!

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