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Glad Tidings Royal Blendz, LLC

What our customers are saying

The moment that juice hit my body, I wanted to dance! It was like my body got something it was craving for a long time. What shocked me was, the feeling was instant. I have not had this much energy or felt this good in a long time. I will not be drinking any more energy drinks or coffee now that I know I can get it naturally. I feel like I can take on the world today. Thank you, Royal Blendz.

Please Read Before Purchasing Juices

Please consult your doctor if you are unsure about what juices you should purchase based on your individual health needs. If there is already an illness or damage to an area of your body, it is always good to get a doctors opinion before making any changes to your diet.  For example, if you have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or damaged kidneys, the juices listed under kidney cleanse may not be best for your specific diet. 

Not Sure What Drink Would Be Best? Click Below for Recommendations:

Juice Recommendations

Homemade Ginger Shots

Looking for a quick shot of energy? Looking to boost immunity?! Look no further. Throw away those unhealthy energy drinks and give yourself a healthy boost containing only natural ingredients.

"Your Majesty"

Has life's circumstances caused you to put down your crown for one reason or another? Are you feeling the need to pick it back up, and step back into your ROYAL position in the kingdom? Well, you have come to the right place at the right time. This package of delicious Royal Blendz Juices has been handpicked with you in mind. Not only will this package of (3) juices give your body and SOUL the recharge that it needs, it will also give you an opportunity to see which juices give you more of that King-ly or Queen-ly "feel."

Juice Benefits

"Royal Highness"

Step into your KINGDOM position with these (3) Royal Blendz Detox Juices. These juices will guarantee you a one way trip all the way back to the Kingdom where you belong. It's not a place. It's a state of mind. A state of being. Real talk, you will want to put your robe, crown and all your royal attire back on after drinking these explosive flavors. Your body deserves this recharge. This is real Kingdom -Ish right here!

"Royal Crown"

This world makes it hard to wear your crown every day all day, but that doesn't mean we cannot take a moment in the day to remember exactly who we are. This package of Royal Blendz Juices, is pure deliciousness. Drink one of these juices during the day and watch your world open up. You will remember exactly who you are and what you are here to do. It's like food to the SOUL. Nourish the SOUL and everything else will fall into place. Not only are these customer favorites, these are my top picks as well. 


Do you know who you are but it seems as though the world doesn't. Are you ready to put back on that crown, step into position, and take your rightful authority in the KINGDOM? Well this juice package is for you, because YOU ARE ROYALTY, regardless of what your situation looks like at the moment. Enjoy these (6) delicious Royal Blendz juices handpicked just for you and step forward into your God ordained destiny. Are you Ready? The KINGDOM Awaits......


Are you ready to feel like the QUEEN you know you are? Are you ready to step into your QUEENDOM if even for the day? If you are ready, then these (6) Royal Blendz juices are calling your name. This perfect blend of juices will not only heal the body, but will touch a place in your SOUL. If you are ready to regain some of your feminine Queen-ly essence, which is rightfully your in the kingdom, take you a bath, slip on a robe and drink one of our juices and see what happens. The KINGDOM awaits.......


Are you ready to step into that KING-LY robe? Are you ready to put on that Royal Crown with zero apologies? Well, this Royal Blendz Juice Package is just for you. From the moment these juices hit your body, you will automatically step back into your Kingdom position. KING, let that Lion inside you come alive and ROAR!! The Kingdom is waiting on you......