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Glad Tidings Royal Blendz, LLC

"Kingdom Chronicles" 

Blog Entries

Kingdom Assignments are always fun-filled and adventurous! It's like being on a roller coaster ride full of many twists and turns, and you have to be consistently tapped into the spirit of God to know which way to go and how to move. Just like a video game, you have to learn the strategies and shortcuts to be successful, but in Kingdom Assignments only God can give you those nuggets. I have been hidden for many years with my missions, but God is allowing me to share a little bit with you guys so you can see what is coming your way. You will meet the coolest people, see the most beautiful places,  stay at 5 star hotels, dine at upscale restaurants, and receive paid vacations. 

I still can't believe I am working for the Kingdom of God, but still having the ability to enjoy all of the earthly pleasures, while at the same time honoring God, establishing HIS Kingdom on earth, and following HIS commandments. Yes, guys it is possible, and you can do it too. And guess what, you don't have to be perfect to work for God, just come with a repentant and humble heart and be ready to serve. Oh, yes and be consistently open to learning, growing and evolving. If this is you, visit my "Virtual Services," and "Kingdom Assignment," pages and become an official Ambassador for God.

I will take you from the nations and gather you from all the countries and bring you into your own land. Ezekiel 36:24

God, your God, will restore everything you lost; he'll have compassion on you; he'll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered. Deuteronomy 30:3

He will raise a signal for the nations and will assemble the banished of Israel and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners o the earth. Isaiah 11:12

Fear not, for I am with you; I will bring your offspring from the eat, and from the west I will gather you. Isaiah 43:5

I am still uploading and adding posts from my Facebook page and other sources so please bear with me. I travel a lot with my Kingdom Assignments, so it makes it hard to get everything uploaded, but now that I am doing everything from my website it should be a little bit easier.


Our Latest Blog Entry

January 10, 2023

                 👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

We have officially added Sweatshirts and Hoodies to our inventory!!! Please check us out on the Crowned Apparel page or visit our Etsy shop “CrownedApparelShop.” We are so excited about all the new changes and additions! After starting our 3 day fast we received a seed from an individual for $2,500 for our business🙌. We were totally caught off guard when we received the call, and just sat there staring at one another for a good minute...Tears welling up in our eyes from being reminded of God's goodness. It was initially supposed to be $1,000, but when we picked up the check it was for $2,500! God is so good!

We have also been receiving seeds for our ministry “Glad Tidings on the GO,” so God has been really moving in this season for me and my family!

Also, my google reviews (Kingdom Chronicles) are getting more and more attention, which is such a blessing. 51,705 views in less than a month, just wow! This means other Chosen Kings, Queens and Businesses are getting their much deserved attention and love. This makes me super happy because I know how hard it is working in silence, building every day all day and not always having the encouragement or support. The life of an entrepreneur is hard, but in the end we do it all for the glory of God...and that is where the blessings comes from.

Our Latest Blog Entry

January 10, 2023

                 🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

Just wow! I was totally not expecting what I saw when I stepped inside. Walking into Rotanas Restaurant and Lounge made me feel like I had teleported to another country. I know that sounds crazy, but that is exactly how I felt. Everything about this restaurant was breathtakingly beautiful and exotic. I just wanted to walk around and look at all the wall art and décor, photographs, and even the light fixtures—just beautiful! When I say they paid attention to every little detail, guys, that’s an understatement. 

I was actually headed to a different lounge, but my spirit led me to this one, and I am so glad because not only was the customer service superior, but the food was also delicious, and the hookah was the best! Adam was our waiter!! He definitely added to the experience! His energy and passion for the job were on a whole other level. You can tell it's not about a paycheck for him, and he truly loves and takes pride in his job. Y'all, he treated us like royalty from beginning to end. I initially thought he was one of the owners because of how much passion he exuded while rolling out the "red carpet" and covering all the bases to ensure we had the most amazing experience. He even blended a hookah flavor for us that was out of this world, which was super awesome since I love hookah.

Guys, if you are tired of going to the same old restaurants and looking at the same old scenes, etc., then this is your place. It’s classy, elegant, sophisticated, and at the same time casual…I don’t know how they managed that, but I’m so happy I got to experience a little taste of the Middle East, even if just for one night.

585 Franklin Gateway SE 

Suite 190

Marietta, GA 30067


Our Latest Blog Entry

January 03, 2023

                 🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

Two words come to mind when I think about "Ameen Fish and Wings!" Pure Deliciousness!! I drove by Ameen’s a couple of times and decided the next time I drove by; I would stop and eat. Well, I am so happy that I was able to drop by and enjoy a meal. Not only was the food delicious, but the selection of different items and categories of food was mind blowing. I was able to pick a couple of meals off the menu and only paid a little over $20.00 for two meals. The food came out quickly, which was nice because I was super hungry😊. The customer service was on point, the restaurant was clean and organized, and the prices were just right for what I ordered. I give this restaurant two thumbs UP! Please check them will not regret it!

818 Veterans Memorial Hwy SW

Mableton, GA 30126

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 30 2022

               👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Okay guys, STORY TIME!!!! So, you know how I’m always talking about spiritual gifts and how your individual gifts will be used by God to speak to others, whether it’s in music, art, dance, writing, acting etc. So, my husband and I were at Ross about six months ago. I went for bathroom decorations, but of course I love to shop so I decided to look around the store for a bit. Well, as I passed the aisles with the pictures, a particular picture caught my eye. It was like every time I would walk away, I had to look back at this picture. I told my husband; I can’t stop looking at this picture for some reason. It was like the picture was taking me on a journey as I looked at it. I was actually able to imagine myself in the place that was on the picture. It was so surreal! I had never had this type of experience before with especially with art, so I was thrown off.

Once I called my husband over and he looked at it, he had the same feeling while looking at the picture. But, I had to keep in mind, we had come for specific items, and I know how my husband gets when I do extra shopping😊. So, we walked away. But, yall I couldn’t stop looking back, so I went to the picture again, and the spirit told me to look closer at the picture. As I look, at the very top, somewhat hidden in the print, was the words in Arabic, “La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah”…. In English that means “I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah (God), and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Yall, this is the declaration that one says to become a Muslim, and as you know I am a Muslim. I was shocked! I called my husband over again and he was able to see it as well. Needless, to say we bought the picture. It was like we both could not leave the store without this picture.

This person was able to speak to me through the spirit with their art work…their individual spiritual gift. Let me tell you, I was beyond amazed! We took that picture and placed it in our prayer area. This became a picture that my husband and I would just stare at daily, and we could go on a journey, while looking at it. My husband would look at it and prepare himself for our daily prayers. This may sound crazy, but this is exactly how the spirit operates. You can feel a person’s spirit (energy) through their craft, whether it’s writing, art, music, dancing etc. This is exactly why I’m always talking about how God wants to use each of us to speak to HIS people, even if you have never met the person before. Even if the person is in another country, or place. They can still speak to you and get a message across. It’s so amazing how God works!

So, this leads me to another point. I typically use different graphic artists when I am creating my logos, business cards, t-shirts etc. God always leads me to the right person each time when I need to get something created. God, will give me the vision, and I will convey to them what I need. Well, this particular graphics artist I have been working with, I reached out to him one day about a car magnet. I told him generally what I was looking for, but I know when a person is working through the spirit, they will be divinely guided to give me exactly what I need without a bunch of direction. So, I just sit back and wait to see what they come up with. Well, this guy exceeded my expectations in every way. He gave me exactly what I wanted and gave me options to choose from. Mind you, this is the first time we had ever communicated. I was shocked! It was like colors, styles and fonts, I would have never used, he used, and I loved it! I know I shouldn’t have been surprised, but each time I see the power of God, I am so amazed. I have worked with him a couple of times since that first time, and it happens with each project. The one thing he said to me that stood out was, “he is not driven by money”; his intention is to make sure he gives me exactly what I need and that I am fully satisfied with his work. I already knew this man was Chosen, but our interactions showed me time and time again who he was in the spiritual realm.

This person is way in Pakistan, but our spirits can speak to one another. I can give him a simple direction and he will create something that is exactly what I wanted, without even knowing it physically. The very last time we spoke, God led me to speak to him about his gifts, and send the article I wrote about spiritual gifts. He read it right away, and sent me messages saying, “a very good article,” “never read something like this before,” and “God Bless You.” This touched my heart, because I don’t even know this man’s real name, but God used me to send him something to push him forward in his journey, and he used him to move me forward in mine. He had helped me majorly; times before and never charged me what he normally charges. He didn’t even know why, but this is how the CHOSEN interact with one another. We just know who the other person is, even if not in the physical realm, it shows up in the spiritual. This is the beautiful network of God. Just like the devil has his crew, and they recognize one another in the spirit, God has HIS as well. The devil always creates a counterfeit system to try and match God’s, even though it will never operate as God’s systems operate. God’s systems and ways of doing things are unmatched. For those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, God is always showing HIS power, signs and miracles.

You guys, if you have any graphic needs, I highly recommend insight_gfx. He is on the Fiverr platform, as are many of God’s Chosen vessels. He finishes the work that should take a couple of days within a couple of hours. He always quickly responds when I send messages about my projects or if I have questions or concerns, even though it may be 1:00 am in Pakistan. I give his work and work ethic 5 stars!! Please reach out to him if you need business cards, car magnets etc. God is using him to create for the entrepreneurs and visionaries HE is sending forth to create and start businesses, non-profits and many other ventures. If you would like to reach out to me in order to get more information about insight_gfx, please visit my Contact Us page.

Also, please read my blog post below about spiritual gifts for more insight or clarity in regard to what God will be using your gifts, talents, and creativity for in the Kingdom.

Lastly, I ask the question again…. “How does God want to use your gifts he has blessed you with?”

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 27, 2022

                  🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

I give the Infusion Hookah Lounge 5 stars!!! If you are looking for a laid back, chill Hookah Lounge, then this is your spot! From the moment I walked in, it was obvious this would be my new hang out when I’m in Marietta. The owner came to me as soon as I entered the establishment and showed me all the available Hookah flavors. He let me see and smell each flavor so I could see exactly which flavor I would enjoy for the night. He made recommendations and told me a little bit about each flavor, which was awesome. He had flavors that you could usually find in a smoke shop, as well as flavors he had mixed and created. I loved his set-up and the chill environment. The music playlist was perfect and added to the experience. If you are looking for a low-key, laid-back Hookah experience, then you definitely have to visit the Infusion Hookah Lounge.

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 28, 2022

                👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

I’m sorry I have not been blogging much lately. Life has been SUPER busy. A lot of amazing things are happening by the grace of GOD! I will share just a few things. My T-shirt venture “Crowned Apparel,” has been taking up quite a bit of my time in this season of my life. I am definitely not complaining because the orders have been coming in way faster than I ever expected🙏. On Christmas Eve alone I had 13 orders to deliver, which was so awesome. I couldn’t stop smiling all day yall, for real. God has continued to show up and show out, just as HE promised and for that I will be forever grateful.

My Kingdom Business reviews have also been getting a lot of views, so I am super happy about that. God continues to show me that the more we support others with a genuine heart, the more God continues to shine HIS light on us.

I hope you guys had a HAPPY Holiday, and I hope you are ready for your new Kingdom assignments for the New Year. Please make sure you check out my “Virtual Services,” and “Kingdom Assignments” pages, as it will help you prepare for what God has planned for you in the coming year.

Here are a few pics of me modeling a few of our shirts!! Please check out our other shirts on the "Crowned Apparel" page:).

13 Orders Going Out on Christmas Eve!

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 26, 2022

                  🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

Sivas Tavern!!! This was definitely a treat! Amazing customer service, great prices, wonderful vibe and environment. They have a brunch on Sundays, which has a special menu and includes shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles and many more delicious options. The hookah is also cheaper during the brunch hours, so you know I was happy😊. There is also a live DJ that’s comes in, which sets the stage for a pretty good time. If you are Kennesaw, Georgia….please visit this restaurant and lounge; you will not be disappointed.

Sivas turns into a lounge with security on Saturday nights, so if you are looking for a club type experience without being in an actual club, then this is your spot! Great music, food, and the best Hookah!

I have included menus in the pictures below. If you click on a picture, there will be a full slideshow.

Sivas Tavern

780 Cobb Pl Blvd NW

Kennesaw, GA 30144

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 20, 2022

                 🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

God's CHOSEN Queens in the building....

Cocanails Upscale Salon!! A nail shop like no other! I was planning to go to a different nail shop, but God led me straight to Cocanails. I literally felt the energy of the shop from the door...yall it was crazy. So, on the front of the door, there is a stop sign saying, "positive vibes only." I would say this set the stage for the entire visit. Then, I went to open the door, but it was locked. I was so disappointed until a young lady came and unlocked the door. She explained that they are typically by appointment only because they dedicate quality time to each customer and never want anybody's experience to be rushed by other people waiting, like many other nail shops. This just confirmed the energy I felt when I got to the front door. 

She then invited me in, saying she would take care of me, which was a blessing. Upon entering the shop, I met the owner, Tamara, and another customer, and let’s just say that from this very moment on, the energy in the room just exploded. It was like all of us were long-lost family seeing each other after many years. The owner explained that God had guided her to make sure the shop was a place of refuge for her customers. When they enter her shop, they can totally forget about what is happening on the outside. And this is precisely how I felt. I enjoyed a Mango Sugar Scrub Pedicure. I can honestly say that between the "positive vibes," the massage, and the smell of the scrub, I was on cloud nine. The shop was so peaceful and serene. Usually, I don’t like to sit and take care of myself because I am always on the go and thinking of what I need to do next, but the owner truly set the stage for an amazing and relaxing experience. Best pedicure ever, hands down!

The shop was not only spotless, but it also smelled amazing, was beautifully decorated, and I will say it again:), the energy and vibes were unmatched. The more I spoke to the owner and her nail tech, the more I could see that this was definitely a Kingdom Business. And the awesome thing about it is that they totally understand the assignment. If you are in Smyrna, you must go to this nail shop!

I was able to get some good shots, but my hand was shaky due to carpal tunnel, so please bear with me:). 


2359 Windy Hill Rd SE

Smyrna, GA 30067

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 14, 2022

                 👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

I would like to shout out a HUGE Thank you for those that are taking the time to read my reviews and send me messages....Yall are so awesome! Google sent me a message yesterday, which I posted below saying my reviews and pictures have gotten almost 5000 views, in just one week!! This is crazy, but it goes to show how important reviews are for our businesses. The business owners have also been so supportive and grateful for the attention it is bringing to their businesses.

I absolutely love supporting other KINGS and QUEENS and their business ventures because, bottom line, these are God’s businesses, and we are just the vessels used to establish HIS kingdom here on earth. Even if you are just an employee of the business, God is still using you to shine your light, interact with HIS people, and help that owner grow their God Gifted vision. So, everybody definitely plays a part in the ultimate vision, which is God’s. Please, if you have the time, visit some of these places and leave a review as well. This goes a long way in the world of entrepreneurs. 

We must remember, if we want God to put a stamp on what we are doing we have to do the same for others. Celebration of others is very important when it comes to building the kingdom. As you genuinely celebrate others, God will make sure others celebrate you. 

Also, for small businesses, I have a connection if you are wanting to set up HR or Payroll services. You can set-up for a couple of employees or for many…Just send me a message on my contact us page, and I will forward the information. For those trying to create a business plan, visit my Kingdom Business page, where there are resources that will take you step by step through the process.

Again, thanks for all the support!!! I am very grateful for each and every one of you.

Oh yes, for those who have not had the chance to purchase one of my t-shirts, please visit the CROWNED APPAREL page, and place your order today!!! Thank you for all of those who have already made your purchases! You are very much I always say, this is like a dream come true🙏.

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 13, 2022

                  🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

YUMMY!!! Nothing Bundt Cakes!!! This cake was the best cake I have had in a good while. I ordered one of the smaller cakes for just myself (Bundtlet), and it was soooo good! Real talk, the cake literally melted in my mouth. I tried the lemon flavor, and it was so moist and succulent. Walking into the shop was like a kid walking into a candy store. The aesthetics were very pleasing to the eye. It was not only beautifully decorated but also very clean and organized. I was able to walk right in, place my order, and receive my cake within 5 minutes. Both Layton and Mame T had the warmest spirits, and their customer service was definitely top notch. Please keep up the great work, ladies! I would definitely recommend taking a visit to this shop if you are in Smyrna, GA.

UPDATE for my second visit:

I absolutely love Nothing Bundt Cakes!! I went in today and tried the Red Velvet and Vanilla Bundlet! Both flavors were amazing! The shop was just as clean and organized as it always is. Layton helped me today, and she has such a beautiful personality. Although it was a rainy and dreary day, her light was so bright that it warmed up the entire atmosphere. Thank you, Nothing Bundt Cakes, once again for such a wonderful experience. I will definitely be back soon.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

400 Village Green Circle 

Suite 100

Smyrna, GA 30080

Purchase a QUEEN-LY shirt for yourself or a loved one at:

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 12, 2022

                      🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

Another one of God's CHOSEN Kings in the building.......

I walked into the I Lounge seemingly by accident, but once I got there, I knew it was nothing but God. Ose, the owner, met me at the door, and immediately rolled out the red carpet for your girl. The photos I took of this upscale Caribbean restaurant don't do it justice, but there are a few good ones:). It is a restaurant on one side and a Hookah lounge on the other. It also has a bar and outside patio area. Both the décor and ambiance were perfect. To be honest, the environment was so peaceful and serene that I could have sat there all day. I went for hookah but ended up eating as well. And, let me tell you, the food was excellent. I even inquired with a couple of other customers about what they ate, and they told me you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu…so you can just imagine how delicious the food is. 

I ended up finding out after I finished eating that the owners’ mother is actually the cook, so I knew right away there was a lot of love and passion added while cooking the food.

He also serves an all-natural Hookah, which is really smooth and contains the richest of flavors. You cannot find the same flavors in another Hookah lounge, as he has another gentleman make them from scratch. I was able to go into his hookah area and smell the flavors and see the consistency of the shisha (hookah flavor) and I can honestly say I have never seen that type of quality before. I was beyond happy to have had that opportunity, as my next venture is the Hookah business. He even told me I could come in and he would show me how to put the hookah pipe together with the flavors, etc. As you already know the Chosen will always add onto others because they want everybody to have the opportunity to be great, just as they are. They are never selfish with their knowledge and resources. It’s such a beautiful thing.

Needless to say, I was very impressed with the whole operation. I pray that God continues to bless each and every one of his businesses, as he also owns a Salon, which is located next door to the lounge. He is renting out booths in that salon just in case anyone is interested in this type of opportunity. He also does events at the lounge, and sometimes brings in live bands, so if you are interested in holding an event there, please reach out to him….you will not be disappointed!

Oh YES, and he also bought two of my shirts, which really made my day. Another prime example of CHOSEN Kings and Queens supporting one another’s business ventures!

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 09, 2022

                     👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑


God showed up and showed out today!!! I’m not going to be able to share the whole story today, but God is always on the move for HIS Chosen even when we can’t see it! HE will always line up the right people at the right time to help you move forward. I got my first shirts printed today! I am beyond happy and grateful to God for bringing my vision to life. Not only did HE give me the blessings of my first shirts today, HE sent the perfect CHOSEN person to bring it all forward! Ain’t NOTHING like Godly Manifestation!!!!

I already sold theses shirts, but will be printing more today!!! We will also be adding our logo to the tags of our new shirts so be on the look out👀! Place your orders, so we can get them out to you ASAP!!!

Order Your Crowned Apparel T-shirt today:

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 04, 2022

                     👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Another CHOSEN Queen in the Building!!!

This was my first time in this particular vape shop!! But as soon as I walked in this beautiful CHOSEN Queen, Kierrah, came right to me and started explaining to me about the different types of Hookah and Hookah flavors. She used her gift of discernment to help her identify right away my needs and the best way to present each item to me in order to get the best results. She was very proactive and knowledgeable when it came to each and every item. Her gift of leadership pointed her in the right direction towards introducing different items rather than the ones I have normally been using. Also, she realized after asking more questions that I wasn't fully aware of the items available in their particular shop and made sure to point them out. She wanted to enhance my hookah experience but it wasn't about selling the items, she just wanted me to have the knowledge base. Kierrah could have just given me what I came for, but she asked the right questions to determine how she could provide me with a better Hookah experience. She even showed me how the different items worked and how it would benefit me in the long term versus the short term.

The best part about it was she has used the various products and flavors, so she knew exactly what to suggest for an amazing experience. I will definitely be going back to this shop. She very obviously has a passion for the job and what she does...this jumped out at me right away. I must say, I was very impressed with her level of customer service, communication skills and obvious dedication to her role. This speak volumes for where she will be in her future.

It led me back to what I wrote earlier about your gifts that God will develop and use for a greater purpose. She obviously has a greater calling, but she is allowing God to train her in order to get ready for new levels. Just a reminder, where you are right now is only the stepping stone for your next level. Learn what you need to learn, be proactive and passionate about what your are doing in your current position and God will take you right to your next level, where you will use all of your skills and the things you have learned to help build and establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

Her spiritual gifts I recognized right away were:









I could go on and on, because this is my spiritual gift to identify the gifts of others…but today I just want to help you see that the gifts are already there, God just wants to develop them so you can be a greater asset for the kingdom.

What are your spiritual gifts??

Please read the blog I wrote earlier regarding spiritual gifts.

Smoke Zone

3330 S Cobb Dr SE 

Suite B200

Smyrna, GA 30080

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 04, 2022

                     👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Where does God want to use your anointing the most? We all have areas where God wants to use our spiritual gifts more than others. Some people are musicians who have the ability to speak to others through their music. Or an artist who can touch you through their art. It may be a chef who expresses himself through food or desserts. Some people it may be through specialty drinks. There are so many ways God want to use your anointing to touch others. Have you thought about what your gifts are? It may not be just one specific area but many different areas that God can use your talents and creativity.

Are you a writer that usually writes for fun, but God wants you to write a book, so your message or testimony can reach many souls?

Are you a dancer, who just enjoys dancing but God wants to use your gift to touch and speak to others in various ways? Can your choreography help others learn about God, and teach them how to praise in their own way (praise dancing)?

Are you a photographer who takes pictures for fun, but God wants to use your gift to promote and profile others? Or, even just take pictures to give people another view of themselves?

Are you a pole dancer who God wants to use to give classes and help others feel more sexy, beautiful and empowered?

Are you a exercise guru or Zumba instructor and God wants to use you to get people in shape so they can fulfill their kingdom duties? Or, help them to feel more confident and comfortable with their appearance so their can move towards their dreams?

Are you a cosmetologist, stylist or make-up artist who God wants to use to prepare people for interviews, photo shoots, movies, weddings, baby showers, maternity photo shoots etc.

Do you usually like to put outfits together for fun but maybe God wants you to open a clothing boutique so you can speak life into others and make them feel like a million bucks. Or maybe you need to prepare people for radio or magazine interviews? Or get people ready to go on talk shows, or act in a movie?

Are you a person who loves creating short skits, or writing stories and God wants to use you to write movies for Hollywood. Or, maybe like Dhar Mann, who creates inspirational movie type videos to give people hope during these difficult times? 

Do you create websites and God wants to use you to set HIS chosen up for their next levels? You know your spiritual gifts will allow you to create the vision without them even telling you how to proceed detail by detail. Your spirit will allow you to know exactly how their website should look and they will love it because the spirit already knows their vision and how you can bring it to life for them. Most of the time I give people my vision and they exceed my expectations. I still get so shocked when I see what they created for me, because it's all spirit led.

Are you a musician who God wants to use to write soundtracks for movies or short films? Or does God want you to create music to make others feel sexy, inspired, empowered, confident and ready to take on the world?

Are you a person who is able to get people talking, and sharing their stories?Maybe God wants you to interact with the homeless to share their stories. Give a voice to the voiceless. Or interview people who have been in domestic violence situations, so they can share their testimonies? Or, those who have gone on to open business etc., you can interview them and share their stories of triumphs and even their tips for success with the world.

Does God want you want you to use your testimony and past issues to run a support group?? Maybe you  have had issues with alcoholism, drugs, domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, bulimia, emotional eating, gambling, sex addiction, and God wants you to head some of these groups. Maybe he wants you to go around to homeless or domestic violence shelters and speak in a group setting.

Or have you had in issues in your past with juvenile delinquency? Maybe God would like you to mentor children or go into the juvenile detention centers and speak to the youth about making better decisions and how to move forward past their issues.

Maybe you are a graphic artist and your designs can be used on different items such as clothing, cups, canvas frames, bags, phones, hats, car magnets, eye glass cases, candles, beauty products, or other items.

Imagine how many people your message will reach by you selling your different designs and images?

God want to use the gifts he has gifted us with to reach many all over the world. He wants our messages, talents and creativity to create generational wealth for our children and families. Our times of being broke and walking in the poverty spirit are over. You have the keys already to your next levels. It's time to think outside of the box....take a step out of your comfort zone.

I have finally recognized my many gifts not knowing it was what I already was doing without the understanding that these were my gifts. For example, building websites, speaking, writing, graphics, organizing, speaking life into others, breaking down information to make sure there is a broader understanding, identifying and recognizing God’s Chosen vessels, having the ability to see something broken down but recognizing what it can be if I put my loving energy and passion into it, whether it’s a building, or even a person, creating visions for not only myself but for others as well, being able to Prophesy the future and about the future of others, and providing exhortation, edification and comfort even in the worst of circumstances .….there are so many more but I just wanted to give you an idea so you can think about your gifts. The gifts that maybe you have not identified as your ”gifts” that God wants to use.

It doesn’t have to be a religious message. Just a message of love, joy, peace and hope. He wants us to use our gifts to encourage people and give them hope for the future. Light in this dark world.

HE wants us to stop allowing others to benefit off of our gifts, especially those that don’t appreciate or value what we have to offer. He wants us to create our own platforms and sell our products, or videos etc. We don’t have to wait for validation from anyone in regards to our gifts, God has already given you his LIKE and that’s the only one that matters. Once HE elevates you there will be no going back. He will make sure to send many other CHOSEN Kings and Queens to pour into your business. The same way he sends me out to support his businesses and provide feedback or write reviews. When God puts the stamp of approval on your work, nobody can cancel or take away your financial blessings. 

Yall please come away from the systems that have been put in place to keep you down. There is another level that you have not even tapped into, but when you are waiting on approval and validation from others, you will never tap into your full potential. Build your OWN. God is ready for you to step into your Kingdom Assignment so he can use you the way he has always intended. Allow God to enlarge your territory so you can reach places that you never knew you could reach....People you never thought you could reach or touch. YES, it’s possible, and you can do it! STEP FORWARD today, God’s CHOSEN. Remember, we are all here to deliver a message however God wants to use us. This is why he has given us the gifts.

You will soar like no other time in your life!! I promise you, it’s YOUR time!!!

What are some of your spiritual gifts?

Where does God want to use you??

Please take the following spiritual gifts test. Ignore the religious portion and just pay attention to the actual gifts, so you can get the full benefit.

“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” (1 Corinthians 12:4-7 NIV)

But the one who prophesies speaks to people for edification, exhortation, and consolation. (Corinthians 14:3)

Click on the link below for spiritual gifts test:

Click link below to find out more about your gifts:

Additional Articles:

What are your God given Spiritual Gifts?

Protecting Your God Gifted Resources

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 04, 2022

                      🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

LORD HAVE MERCY! I cannot even move right now...LOL. I just had some of the BEST chicken and beef sausage that I have had in a long time! Happy Birthday to me😊. The potato salad and mac and cheese were both excellent as well. You know how God is always sending me out from city to city and state to state to support his Kingdom Businesses and interact with HIS Chosen Kings and Queens. I had the opportunity today to meet Herb, the owner of Herb’s Rib Shack. He was one of the coolest, down to earth men I have met. He made it a point to make sure he came and spoke a personal word, and that is what sets Kingdom Owned Businesses apart from many others. As I said the food was beyond excellent! He even had green beans with turkey instead of pork, so you know for Muslims, this is surely a plus. The customer service was on point! And not only was the location ideal, it was clean from top to bottom. And you know I love a clean restaurant. If you are out and about please support Herb and his Kingdom Business. He is definitely putting Barbeque on the map!!!

I have included pictures as well as a menu. I am praying he gets to add Beef Brisket to his menu soon!

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 04, 2022

                      🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

This Chosen QUEEN right here is so special to me! From the moment I met her I knew she was one of God’s chosen. Her smile alone brings so much light to this world. She works for Check into Cash, but her role there is much greater than giving loans, and cashing checks. She definitely brings a different element to the industry that it has been missing. Her customer service is on point and that can’t be denied, but her level of empathy is what I love about her the most. She doesn’t just look at people as a “customer”. She sees them as a human being first, worthy of the best treatment no matter their circumstances. People often come to her when they have hit rock bottom financially and have no where to turn, and she goes above and beyond to ensure they leave with exactly what they need for their journey. Not only money but hope for a better tomorrow. She lets them know their situation does not define what is coming for them in the future. The money she is able to provide is surely a steppingstone for their next level, but what they get on top of that is what they need the most. 

Glad Tidings has definitely benefitted when we were needing equipment for our start- up. I told her what I needed and she went above and beyond to make sure I was able to get it. Of course, I had to do my part, but she walked me step by step through the process and made it less overwhelming and stressful. The one thing that jumped out at me the other day when I went to the location was the time, she spent decorating the office and making it more welcoming for her customers. She wants the overall experience to be comfortable and inviting. When I got there, I asked her about the beautiful Christmas tree that was in the corner, and she explained to me that she and her husband had actually put it up and spent time doing the ornaments etc. You know how usually people place empty boxes under a tree in a business, but not Trina, she and her husband made sure they are full of gifts for the needy. They also hand out gift cards during the holidays for the homeless outside of business hours. As many know, in Gainesville the number of homeless individuals is astronomical. Although she is busy with her work, this does not stop her from doing the work God has placed her there to do. Remember the positions God places us in are often way bigger than the actual position. We are entrusted to treat people as valued and respected individuals regardless of their current situations. Thank you Trina for all that you do!!!

Could this be the key to your next level? 

Ask God to confirm if this is your option to move forward. I know it may not be your first option, but God works in mysterious ways. Remember, these are God's resources even if they are coming from a Chosen vessel or business.

Check Into Cash

565 Shallowford Rd

Gainesville, GA 30504

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 03, 2022

                     👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

My Birthday was yesterday, and typically I don't celebrate but yesterday I stepped out to have some Hookah, and celebrate the closing of one of the biggest chapters of my life. So, I am posting a link so you can share that part of my journey with me. I love you guys! Be safe and vigilant during these times, remember as you are moving forward the enemy will send many things to stop that forward movement. 

Remember if you call out on God, the devil has to flee!

Please click on link below:

My Journey out of my Personal Egypt

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 29, 2022

                     👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

The KINGDOM is moving full speed ahead!!! Real TALK! Please be on the look out for all my upcoming projects!!!! 

Please Click on Video Below for our upcoming projects and updates to our website!!!

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 29, 2022

                     👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Listening to this song made me think of my next message. Yall I know many of us are going through hellish situations, and it seems like things will never get better….BUT they are and they will. We have to have faith right now more than we ever have in this life. We have to know that we are going to make it despite what our current circumstances look like. Please, I beg of you today to look at how far you have come. Look at what God has brought you through, primarily due to you faithfulness and TRUST in HIM and HIM alone. Say to yourself today, as this song reiterates over and over again, I just gotta make it. I just gotta make it. God is going to bring you to the other side, I promise you. He brought me this far, and HE will do the same for you. He is doing a great work in you, and on the other side is new healthy relationships, new businesses and ministries, new homes, new cars, new ideas, renewed vision and everything else you have dream of during this battle. Open your heart today and let God bring forth the NEW. It’s coming! 

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 28, 2022

                      🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

Hands Down, Xhale City Vape Shop has the Best Customer Service in Oakwood!

This is by far the best Vape Shop in Oakwood! I have been to many shops, but nobody has been able to top the level of customer service this shop has displayed time and time again. They not only sell any and everything you can think of, they also support smaller businesses by placing their products in their stores. We talked about placing some of my juices in their store possibly in the near future, wouldn’t that just be AMAZING!!! I wanted to make sure I highlighted the store, but also wanted to make sure I shoutout all of their wonderful employees as well….one in particular though shines on every occasion. 

Matt, one of God’s Chosen Kings. I knew it from the moment I met him exactly who he was in the Kingdom. Every time I come into that store he rolls out the Red Carpet. You would think I was the only person in the store when he is showing me products etc., but no, he is like that with every single customer. I initially thought he was the owner because of his high level of customer service and passion for the job. You can see how important it is for him to make sure his customers are happy, by ensuring they have the items they need, understand how they work and how to use them, and most importantly that they are satisfied with their purchase. The beautiful thing about the Chosen is we are always all in no matter what we are doing. We are passionate about making sure we do the best job we can do, and it’s not forced or for show. It’s what we love to do. We genuinely love people, care about them, and want to see them happy, which is what precisely makes us stand out from the rest. Thank you, Matt, for being YOU!!! We see you!!

Xhale City 

| CBD • Smoke • Vape |

3885 Mundy Mill Rd #103 · 

Oakwood, GA

(678) 989-4689

Look at the these cool Hookah Pipes

I want one..LOL

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 28, 2022

👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Please allow me to introduce another one of God's CHOSEN Kings!!!!

Raymond Story wrote and released the book "Will Work For Food," recently. I met this wonderful SOUL on Tybee Island. This was definitely a divine connection from God. I am so proud of this man, for real. He has officially stepped into HIS God ordained position as a KING in God's Kingdom. He wrote this book by hand while in jail over 20 years ago, and God has just had him release it. I feel so honored because I was able to see the actual manuscript with my own eyes, and I am one of the only ones he has ever trusted to see and touch it. When he showed me I completely understood how sacred it was for him to share his baby with me. Remember, when God gives us something to birth into this world, it is to be cherished and protected, just like a baby. Not everybody can have access or be in the presence of it. His story is absolutely amazing. Please read the review below that I wrote on his book and purchase on Amazon. God is wanting us to make sure we are supporting one another's projects, because remember, we are only the vessels, it is in reality God's message he wants to reach the world.

Please watch my how we met video below.

Let me tell you, this book is a real page-turner! This book had so many twists and turns that you never knew what was going to happen next. The author really knew how to keep the momentum and excitement going throughout the book, which was awesome. I would like to applaud the author, because this was a real page-turner. I knew from page one that this story was going to keep my interest, but I didn’t really know how it would all end. You will read about the author's troubled past, and if you didn’t know any better, you would think this was a train wreck just waiting to happen, but all I could read and see was a man just running, trying to find a place to belong. All I could visualize as I was reading was a man trying to fill an empty void, come to terms with his past, and still defy the odds, even though the more he moved forward, the greater the odds became. It took Ray a long time and many trials and tribulations, but he finally found what he had been searching for all along. God's unending love and mercy. This masterpiece of a book was created during what should have been the worst time of his life, serving time behind bars, but God turned it into a testimony that you will be able to follow page by page. I have since had the pleasure of meeting this man in person. It’s funny reading his story and then meeting the man that many would label a "throw away" or a "lost cause" based on his past mistakes, but the man I met defied every single stereotype and has stepped into his position as a King in the Kingdom of God.

This man is one of the most humble, kindest, gentlest, most compassionate men I have ever met. His eyes are truly a window to his soul. He is selfless, always looking out for everybody else. He is a true man of God. He is a man after God's own heart, and through his works and atonement for his past mistakes, has definitely won favor with God. He has been through the trenches, but this man has risen from the ashes as a new man. God has restored, refined, and consecrated him, and he is being used as a vessel for God's holy purposes. The devil thought he could have Ray, but God had his way, and now Ray is a changed man. He asked God to use him, and God is using him in a mighty way. He is so brave for sharing his story, especially since he is allowing people to see his most vulnerable moments and moments he may not necessarily be proud of, but God is going to use Ray’s story to get the glory. His story is proof that you can be "rough around the edges," and still be used by God. Is he perfect now, not at all, nobody is, but has he submitted his heart and soul to God, Yes. Please read his story, and understand that this was a man that God favored even while he was in the trenches, so can you imagine who he is in the kingdom of God right now? I have had the pleasure of spending time with this man on a personal level, and let me tell you, when God tells us to serve, to give to our neighbors, to be selfless, to be a disciple, most of us do this and it becomes a burden or hardship, but not for Ray. He does this and wears it like a badge of honor because all he wants to do now is honor God and right his wrongs. I know this is long, but I had to say everything that was on my heart.

~ Glad Tidings

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 28, 2022

👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Good Morning God's Kings and Queens!

There is so much brewing in the spiritual realm today....LORRRRRDDDDD!!!! I'm just trying to keep up. 

I am currently working on a series for Kingdom Assignments, especially those entering marriages. Some of you God is getting ready to reveal to you your Kingdom Spouses. You are going to be moved so that you can meet them, or be in the vicinity to meet them. Be tapped into your spirit today. Pray for discernment and direction. It is GAME TIME yall! Go out and win those SOULS for GOD!!!

As rapper Glorilla sings "Let's GO"............................

Upcoming Projects to be on the look out for:

I am working on a Kingdom Marriage Series

I am working on a General Kingdom Assignment Post, so that you will have direction and strategy for your particular assignment.

I will still be doing videos and posts in the meantime, so please make sure you are checking in on Youtube and the "Kingdom Chronicles," page.

By the Grace of God, my viewership on the website has been out the roof, so I
 know you are reading and watching the videos, I am also getting prayer requests, which is touching my heart and soul for real. God sees that you want to move forward, and he will continue to give you the keys for your journey as you continue to seek HIM and HIS direction. 

If you are unsure of how to move forward, or if you simply want to know what a Kingdom Assignment is, please check out the tabs "Virtual Services," and "Kingdom Assignments," these pages will prepare you mentally for the next steps of your journey. 

I cannot move forward without you guys, my TRIBE, , so I am waiting patiently.........

Salaam, Shalom - PEACE!!!!

~ Glad Tidings

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 27, 2022

👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

I am so proud of Kanye! He has officially tapped into his purpose and Kingdom Assignment. May God continue to protect him and keep him so we can see the full message God is going to birth through him. I know he has had a long road of self discovery, but he is coming into his role as a CHOSEN King on this earth. He will lead many back to God! Remember God wants us to use the talents, gifts, creativity and everything HE has gifted us with to praise, serve and bring others back to HIM. The prosperity and abundance will come through HIM and nobody can cancel or stop what HE chooses to bless us with.

Please check out his message in the video below. The entire video is powerful, but if you want to see how God has spoken to this man's heart and shifted his purpose, fast forward to about 13:35, and you will see his transformation. I mean look at his smile, despite going through what he has gone through in the past couple of weeks, only God can give you joy in your storm. #Chosenones #Godschosen

God bless you guys! Stay safe and tapped into God as much as you can, the times we are in fully requires this!

~ Glad Tidings

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 27, 2022

👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Please allow me to Introduce one of God's CHOSEN Queens!

This woman right here......We became family by marriage, but she is my sister in every sense of the word. She came into my life at I think 10 years old, but we clicked even at that age, not knowing that we would be each other’s life line for this crazy journey. She is my ride or die for real. We come in and out of each other's lives every time right when we need each other. Her spirit always speaks to my spirit and my spirit to hers. We can say the tough things to one another and still come back each time knowing that there was no malice involved, just pure guidance inspired by The Most High. I love this woman for real, and once you check her out and feel her energy you will too❤️. Her Kingdom Assignment is truck driving. Everybody tried to talk her out of it, but God convicted her heart to break into a male dominated industry and take them by storm. 

Let me tell you, she has grown leaps and bounds, and has fully embodied her Kingdom position. She is truly a BOSS in every sense of the word. She is a mother of six, but her ambition and drive to teach people about God and who HE is in her life is unmatched. She is smart, outspoken, passionate, articulate, charismatic, and on top of all that she is freaking gorgeous!!! If you are a woman considering joining the Truck Driving industry, or a man looking to get into this type of work, please check her out on Youtube!

~ Glad Tidings

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 25, 2022



God says you now have the keys to MOVE FORWARD. I will post the videos for your next steps!!! You made it!! Yes, You made it!!! It's been a long hard battle , but in the spiritual realm, we have won!!! You have the keys today to your VICTORY. Your Red Sea has officially been parted....Now it's time for you to walk through. BE extremely sensitive to the spirit today. Watch for God's signs and confirmation of your next steps. Your heart has been tried and tested over and over again, and God has said HE knows HE has your HEART! God said HE loves you. He said THANK YOU for fighting on HIS behalf and never giving up even when the situations were brutal. We Won Yall! We WON!

Do you already have the keys 🗝️🔑

Y'all, so I'm laying here thinking to myself, wow it's getting warm in here, forgetting I have an air conditioner....even though it's right in front of me🤣😂🤣 I know that sounds crazy, but I'm not much of an air conditioner person, I am all about fresh air, so it's rare for me to even use it. But as I giggled to myself about my absent mindedness, God said to me how many of my people are out there feeling lost or stuck not knowing what to do next when I have already given them the solution. HE said it's right in front of them, but they are not seeing it. Just like you, they are laying there feeling the heat, while the solution has been right in front of them the entire time. What could you be missing, that's right there? Has God already given you the keys to your problem, and maybe you have forgotten or are unsure that it was God? Or, are you laying there just like me, forgetting you already have the key🔑 to your problem right in front of you?! (This was written some time I understand it was only in preparation for this glorious day).

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 24, 2022

⚠️⚠️⚠️Prophetic Warning⚠️⚠️⚠️


God Will Give You Supernatural Abilities For Your Assignments, But You Have to know When to Pull Out

I hate to come to you on the holiday, but when God says to get the word out I am going to be obedient. 

When God places you in a position he wants you to step into those positions and environments like they have been waiting for you. Dress the part, look the part, and act the part, even if you are scared or it's unfamiliar territory...Just know that if he placed you there nobody can run you away or cancel you. This seat was ordained for you and can only be removed by the Most High God.

See, if God places you in a position you don't have to hash tag or shout anyone out to get attention or validation, God will send you exactly the people you need to elevate you and bring attention to your work or cause. You just do HIS work and let him do the rest. He got you 💯.

But, on the flip side......

When God says your time is up in that assignment or position, you have to make the necessary adjustments and move on. He will give you the grace and opportunity  to lick your wounds, cry your tears and do what you need to do in order to make the move, but when that time is up, you gotta get back up and fight. Remember, we are in full blown battle and you are a soldier for God's army. If you get wounded on a battle field you are not just going to lay there and let them kill you right? No, you are going to get up and run or fight. This battle we cant see with our physical eye, but they are after your heart and soul. If the enemy can get to your heart, it will be easier to make sure you don't get back you have to STAND UP and FIGHT, no matter how you feel soldier. God said SEEK HIM and he weal heal you up and put you back out there. I know many of you are suffering from wounds in regards to your health, or your children being taken. God is saying he will reward and return everything that has been taken from you and that you have suffered from. HE said he promises that to you, and that he LOVES you immensely. HE said the love you are seeking only HE can give to you.

Yall in this battle your caring and loving heart will get you killed, straight up. There's no easy way to say it because it's the truth. So you have to put your big girl panties or big boy britches on because the enemy knows your weaknesses and that's exactly what they will target. They know you want to be loved, respected, valued, and that you will give that to them freely, but let me tell you, this will only be used to weaken you, damage you and then destroy you. Look at all the fallen soldiers right now being killed by lovers and spouses. It's open season right now. Do you want that to be your fate because you couldn't discern when to walk away or step away temporarily. Yall, it's not worth it. Only God can give you the love and validation you are looking for.. This other person cannot give you what you are looking for, but they can definitely be used by the enemy to keep you seeking and running after that elusive love. The enemy wants you to keep running after that idol because that is a sin that will allow him access to destroy your life. It's like running aimlessly on a hamster wheel. You know that person CANNOT give you what you need because they cant even give themselves what they need. Seek God, not idols that can do nothing for you. Just like the Israelites, and the cows they made into their Gods. Even though God showed them the cows could do nothing for them, they couldn't seem to stop worshipping or seeking them. 

If the enemy can't get your heart, he will make you destroy yourself. He will make you keep drinking until you destroy your body. He will increase your appetite for the things that bring you harm, for example drugs. He will make you crave drugs until you OD or die. All the enemy wants to do is destroy you or kill you so you cant be used by God on this earth and it's that simple. You are a powerhouse for the Kingdom of Light, so if you reach your full power and step into your TRUE identity the enemy knows he has no chance. The devil is weak. He is scared of God's Chosen, but he has figured out that he can defeat us through our weaknesses, and our own personal sin. So, this is the way he has strategized his war plan. Get us to run after idols, whether it be relationships, drugs, alcohol, money, sex, power, control, fame, materialism, reputation etc.,  and just keep hitting us there until we either allow ourselves to be consumed and destroyed, or we destroy ourselves. Once you know the devils game plan, you play the game a little differently. You start to look at your opponent differently. You start to take your heart out the game and start thinking strategically....All is fair in Love and War right??

Always make sure to check in with God frequently during assignments, especially relationships and marriages. Dealing with demonic spirits things can change really quickly, and you can end up in a dangerous situation if you are not tapping into God. Its's like being in the military because remember you are fighting for the army of God. Not following orders can get you killed or hurt real quick. Well, it's the same thing dealing with people who are possessed by demonic spirits. They can transform from prince or princess charming in the blink of an eye and if you are out of alignment and have moved from under the umbrella of God, they can either hurt you severely or even kill you. it's not a game y'all. This is a warning from God!! Knowing when to leave and pull out is so important. It is dangerous in some situations to continue working assignments when God has instructed you to pull out, leave and abort mission.

He will give you supernatural strength, abilities, strategies, wisdom and knowledge for that assignment but when he says the assignment is over, It's DONE!

Remember, this is God's battle and not ours. HE is only using us as vessels. You have to know when to turn those feelings off and leave the empathy at the back door. These are our superpowers but when used incorrectly or at the wrong time we can get ourselves in a situation we can't get out of. You have to know when to hold them and when to fold them. Period. As long as God is fighting with you, you will be protected. You will have consistent mercy and grace even in a chaotic situation but when he leaves the situation and tells you to close out and you don' are fair game for the enemy's army and they know this. He may not have you leave permanently, it just may be temporary, but you have to be willing to do whatever it takes. Guys he may have even sent you in for a short period to interact with the person, give them the knowledge and tools they need for their battle and leave, but if you over stay your welcome, it will become something you are not ready to deal with. REAL TALK. Always remember, this is not your battle it is God's!

Some of you are still sitting in situations they should have left a long time ago⚠️. God is saying GET UP! HE is saying GET UP NOW! Your safety depends on it. He cannot protect you where he has not placed you or you refuse to leave. This person can damage you in ways that will take a lifetime to heal if you don't listen👂He said think of Sampson and Delilah. You and the person you are assigned to are working for opposing teams just keep that in mind. Two different Kingdoms. Light vs Darkness. This is why you have to choose because you can only work for one or the other. Just like you are serious and committed to your assignment to bring them back to God, they are committed to their assignment to bring you away from God. God's soldiers....Please take heed.

~ Glad Tidings

HE also wanted me to give you the example of the story of the frog and the boiling water. I will post the link below.

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 23, 2022

👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Today was a very busy day, and I must admit I was exhausted and felt as if I could not keep moving, but God gave me super natural energy to keep going. I accomplished everything I set out to do today and much more. It was a day full of many twists and turns but being able to hit the streets and talk to God's Chosen Kings and Queens was the highlight of my day for sure. Hearing some of them say that my videos have helped renew their strength and relationship with God was motivation for me to keep going. For me to keep speaking and doing God's work. It put a fire back in my soul because we are never working in the kingdom for just our own deliverance. God makes sure we are bringing everybody with us. This a a TEAM effort. 

If I win my brothers and sisters win. If I move forward my brothers and sisters move forward. If my brothers and sisters get closer to God, then I get closer to God.....And that is what it's all about. I didn't take pictures this time because I just wanted to spend time. I just wanted to enjoy the wisdom and knowledge that they had to offer. I wanted each one of them to know that they had my undivided attention and that our time and the moments we were sharing were not only sacred, but also cherished.

Many of Gods soldiers, especially those who are homeless are tired right now. They are weary from the ongoing battle. Fighting for territories is one of the most difficult Kingdom assignments that you can accept. Many people have to be homeless so they can sit on the land, pray on the land, walk the land and fight the battles on the front lines so we can take back our territories. Gainesville is a city that has been under demonic rule for a long time. You see, the enemy has riddled this town with drugs, prostitution and everything else you can think of to keep the people within the city held back and unable to move forward. The soldiers who are standing on the front lines are facing many enemy attacks including being put in jail over and over again for being on the land. It's truly sickening what they are doing. For those who don't really recognize what's going on it appears as though the city is trying to do everything they can to help the homeless, but for those who are seeing the truth of it all we know what the powers that be are really doing behind the scenes. 

These are really difficult times for our people, so please take a moment to pray for our battle weary soldiers. Pray for God to renew their strength and faith to continue their fight in the way of God. God wants to fully restore HIS people. He wants to heal this land and create opportunities for prosperity and abundance. HE wants to restore everything the enemy has stolen from us in this spiritual battle. 

Soldiers DO NOT retreat. Keep fighting for God's land. Keep fighting for our children and the generations coming behind us. We Will inherit the land that has been promised to us. God promises never can be thwarted, no matter how hard the enemy fights against us moving forward. Onward God's soldiers. Onward!!!!

We have to keep our soldiers healthy and fed so they can fight!!!

Each Bag included:




Diced Peaches

Dessert (Donuts, Honey Buns, Nekot Crackers w/Fudge)


If you would like to donate to our cause:

Read about God's plan for taking territories!!!

Click Link Below to Read Article, Then Watch Video:

Taking Territories

See videos below for taking territories

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November 23, 2022

🗣️🗣️Kingdom Business Shout-Out 🗣️🗣️

Soooo you know how God sends me everywhere to meet HIS people and talk to them about their next steps in the Kingdom? Well, lets just say I ran into one of the coolest KINGS today.. I have to admit, I was truly impressed with his amount of knowledge and wisdom at such a young age. All I could think about the entire time speaking to him was that he is definitely ready to STEP into position. It was such an honor to see somebody who didn't know completely what was happening, but the minute he heard the call, he answered! I cannot wait to see where his journey takes him next because he will definitely be an asset to the Kingdom. 

I was trying to treat myself and eat some barbeque, but the place was closed. Lo and behold was led next door to a shop called RISE UP!!! YES yall!! You know how I always say the Chosen are about to RISE I knew I was in the right place at the right time. I got to them at 3:46 and they were supposed to close at 4:00, but our talk about God and what  our roles are moving forward kept us going past that time easy...LOL  Yall know once I get started, especially meeting yall cool Chosen folks, I can't stop. But the best part of meeting the Kings and Queens of God is it always feels like we are long lost family. The connection and things we have in common are undeniable, no mater our race, religion, or age. 

It was all so unexpected but God's timing was perfect. Please check out this Kingdom business when you get an opportunity. I was able to get a healthy shake, that was super know me and health foods..LOL. But it was soooo good! Menus are included in the pictures! 

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October 15, 2022

👑👑👑👑Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Tybee Island, GA

Queen Aaliyah in the building!!!

This beautiful woman seized the moment to share her beautiful voice with us👑. She knew her name was powerful but didn't know it actually meant, ascending and “highborn, exalted, sublime.” That's a lot of power to step into, but I think she is the woman for the job! After our video and conversation she decided she is going to step into position and start her vlog, recording and sharing her travels with the world. She is smart, funny, beautiful, creative, and full of personality, why not share her God given talents with the world? Kingdom-Ish💯

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October 10, 2022

👑👑👑👑Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Still here doing Kingdom Work in Savannah, GA and THIS happened!!!

Please watch Damon's AMAZING Testimony!

This powerful KING the devil tried to take out many times, but God kept him here for a mighty purpose!!! This video was totally unplanned. I asked him if he would do a quick video and it turned into this touching testimony!!! I think he stepped right into his Kingdom Assignment and purpose today. Thank you Damon for sharing your time and energy with us. God Bless you!

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October 10, 2022

👑👑👑👑Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Live from Forsyth Park, Savannah GA!!!

Check out our video🎥

This beautiful Queen right here👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥. Kayla is a ball of Energy, Light, Sunshine, and Fire all wrapped up in one....Loorrrddd. This woman is "homeless," but you would never know because she is still so positive and on fire for God! Her circumstances has not changed her feelings for her creator, it has only made the bond stronger and unbreakable. She understands the assignment and is moving accordingly, no matter who or what she has to step away from or leave behind. We met unexpectedly, but I know it was only God that connected us at the right place and right time. She gave the best advice for those new to the spiritual journey and wanting to make sure they are hearing from God correctly. Check her out! You will not regret it!

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October 9, 2022

👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Tybee Island, GA

New Territory ALERT!!!!! 🚨🚨🚨🚨

I have officially moved to Tybee Island, GA🙌🙏👑❤️

God has showed up and showed out today y'all!! I'm still in shock😱. The power of prayer🙏💯! You know initially I came here not knowing why I was here or why God kept me here longer than I thought it would be. I mean I knew it was about territories, but I also knew there was more to it when it came to me as an individual. I just had to have faith and trust that God would reveal it to me eventually. Well, guys guess what!!!!! I got my first official spot on Tybee, Island today. I said YES, and now I officially live on the Island. When God was telling me to stay at a certain place every night and not to get a hotel, I knew I was fighting for land, but I had no idea I was sitting on it already!!! Also, I had no idea it would be for me..LOL. It's not easy getting on this Island yall, with the prices and all. I was told a one bedroom on the Island can easily run you $1600...God came through for me though in a mighty way. No, my money is not long like that, but what God has for you, HE will see to it that he makes a way for you to get it. 

I'm not paying no where near that, and that all Praises Due to God. God even made sure I had my own personal parking space yall!!!!! When I tell y'all the story and how it all came about... nothing but God! I love how HE pays attention even to the smallest details to make sure you know it was all him and nobody else.

Yall I literally ended up with a place a couple of steps from the beach, I mean I can see the beach from my freaking window!! I am still in shock because everything happened so fast. I stayed in my car 11 whole days… I was obedient, and now look!!! Me eating, sleeping, and siting on that land, was actually me staking the claim for my land. All of the restaurants, and stores I visited were actually right where I would end up living. The days had been going so fast that I didn’t even realize I had been here for 2 whole weeks. I just did what God told me to do and that was work the land. Spread your light and become a part of the community. And that's exactly what I did. I mean, I saw the handwritten note advertising the place, but it took me 3 days to call it. My spirit kept prodding me, but I guess I didn’t fully understand what my next step actually was supposed to be. Yall, now I walk out my door a couple of steps and I'm on the beach it's surreal. It's exactly what I prayed for!!

The way God's network is set up you always meet the right people at the right time for your next level. Like I said, I would have had this a couple of days ago, but I didn't listen to my spirit. Thank God, today I made that phone call and look how HE blessed me immensely. A Kingdom Couple owns the place. Imagine that😊. They were just waiting for the right tenant…and God sent me. See how God woks from both sides. They had what I need and I have what they need. Look at God's beautiful system of reciprocity.

I have a whole new life, on this beautiful Island. The Land of Milk and Honey. Of course, I still had some things to let go of, which I finally did, but now look. Look how the door just swung open once I was ready to officially step in.

God is just waiting on your YES. Are you READY?

What are you holding on to that God is telling you to let go of?

Remember, your blessing is on the other side of your obedience.

If this is where you want God to send you territory wise, ask and you shall receive.

Check out my previous posts about various territories God is sending HIS people to and choose which one fits you the most. God will move on your behalf🙏.

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October 9, 2022

👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Savannah, GA

We have another Yessssss!!!!!

Felicia said YES, to her Kingdom Assignment🎉🎊🎉🎊

Does she have everything she needs, No. Does she have it all figured out..No. Is everything in place for her to move forward...No. Does she know how it will all play out in the end..No Is she completely healed and all her flaws non existent, No. Is she ready to move forward allowing God to show her the way, understanding that she doesn't have to have it all figured out by herself at this very moment...YES🙏

Felicia accepted her kingdom assignment to write her first book, so we talked about book covers, and how to get started etc.. I gave her information to purchase her book cover at an affordable cost ( front cover, back and spine), she is going to pursue her life coaching certification, which will allow her to reach way more people using her current skill set and gifts. We explored options for her logo and went through pictures, fonts etc. We went over her past jobs and how each job has prepared her for everything God is going to have her do. She already was given the vision, we just brought it together 🙏. We had a power session for real. Check out the video😁!!!

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October 8, 2022

👑👑👑👑Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

Savannah, GA

God is moving mightily for HIS people in this season🎉

Start thinking about where you want to live✅ 

The vacations you want to take✅ 

The countries you want to visit✅

Where you want your kids to go to school✅ 

Where you want to go to college✅ 

What type of career would just set your soul on fire✅ 

What type of business you could create using your God given creativity, gifts and talents✅ 

What are the things in life that are really important to you✅ 

What would you do if your time was limited here on earth?!

Write the VISION y'all📝📜

Everything I am having the opportunity to do right now, I talked to God about and wrote it down. This is how manifesting truly works. Do a vision board. Cut pictures out of magazines. Put it up on your wall, or your refrigerator, so you can look at it everyday. Dream BIGGGGG!!! God is ready to make your wildest dreams come true! You have been through the storm, now it's time to Live Your Best Life!!!!

LET'S GO God's Chosen!!!!

How many times does God repeat in the bible, "Write the vision," or ‘It is Written" - this shows you how imperative the act of writing is to bringing something forth.

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October 8, 2022

🗣️Kingdom Business Shout Out🗣️

Savannah, GA

Savannah Praline Company

This is one of a few locations. The others are closed until next summer. The selection of ice cream, pralines and truffles are excellent. I had the Dole Whip Float made with fresh pineapple juice. It was so delicious omg😋. The Dole whip ice cream is super tasty by itself, so with the pineapple juice the flavor is next level. The float is only $5.75. I took a picture of some of the prices for other items, so you can see below. Please go and support if you get the opportunity.

UPDATE: I had the opportunity to go back a second time and meet the owner. He was such a nice and humble man. We chatted for a little bit, and he gave me a free ice cream for the road. I was also able to share my review with him, which was awesome...he was very thankful and grateful. 

Savannah Praline Company

204 1st Street

Tybee Island, GA 31328

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October 8, 2022

👑👑👑👑 Kingdom Chronicles👑👑👑👑

🎥🎥 videos attached

Let me ask you a question ⁉️

Are you dead set on taking a trip to Disney Land🎢🎡, when God is trying to redirect your steps to Disney World🎢🎡?

So, this morning I was going to a Starbucks to get some work done. I had the address in my GPS, I knew exactly where I wanted to go and who I wanted to see. There was a beautiful spirit I had met there twice, and I wanted to see her again. Her energy and ambition for life and moving forward, was just something you wanted to soak all up. Well as I was headed that way, I got about 10 minutes away and the roads were shut down due to an accident. I mean there was no way at all to go that direction, not even side streets to turn on, so at this point I turned around. I still wanted to find a way to get to that particular Starbucks because since I have been in Savannah, that has been my go-to. I know where everything is, I know who comes in and out, I know and love to talk to the baristas. In just this little time, I had become comfortable at this Starbucks location. It’s so crazy that even in the little time I have been here we had somewhat created a system of assigned seats and tables..LOL. I know, I know, yall, but when you get that spot where you can zone out and get some stuff done, you get spoiled. And we all respect that about one another there. It’s funny how quickly we become used to something huh?

Well, as I kept trying to find a way to that Starbucks, my GPS kept taking me in circles. For a brief moment I got a little frustrated, because my mind was set on Starbucks and what I needed to get done. Again, a familiar place, with familiar people. So, at this point the spirit began to speak to me. He spoke “This is not the Starbucks I want you to go to today.” It took me a minute to process what had been said, and to be okay with what the new plan was going to be. So, it was no longer going to be my plan, but God’s plan. Here it was I was ready to run to my comfort zone and the holy spirit said not so fast. I am now heading to a totally different Starbucks 3 miles away. It took me a minute to accept this change, but I knew there was going to be something or somebody there and whatever happened was going to be within the will of the Most High.

Guys, when you are working in your assignment, you have to be open to redirection. Even though you have it in your mind, where you're going, how you want to move, who you want to see that day, sometimes we have to let our steps be redirected so we can be where God needs us to be. There is a right place and a right time God needs you to arrive when he send you on a mission. It is imperative that you always stay open to HIS redirection, trusting with all your heart that God is not going to steer you wrong.

Being completely transparent with you, my natural inclination is to go where I'm familiar, where I'm used to going, where my comfort zone is, but God is trying to take me all over Savannah so that I can see different areas, have new experiences and meet a variety of people. What I’m trying to say is if you stay in your comfort zone, you'll never know what God has for you. There is so much more on the other side, but we would rather stay where we are because at least we are familiar with that person or place. It’s scary to do something different, or to feel a strong emotion like fear. We would rather avoid it like the plague, not knowing, the real prize is on the other side. New levels. New opportunities. New Adventures. More Fulfilling Relationships. We are so used to staying where we are that the thought of doing something different paralyzes us. The Holy Spirit just brought to my mind the opening song from the show “Cheers,” I know its an old song, but the lyrics are:


Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your name

And they're always glad you came

You want to be where you can see

Our troubles are all the same

You want to be where everybody knows your name🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

Could yall hear that beat in your head…LOL..I know I could…too funny. But yeah. That’s how most humans are wired.

So, although my mind was set on where I was going yesterday, who I was going to see and what I was going to do, the detour or perceived roadblock was actually God just trying to redirect my steps. God is saying to you today, you can have your plan, but always be open to HIS redirection because it’s always with purpose. So, guess what, when I got to the other Starbucks, which was also a Kroger, I got my coffee and proceeded to get to work. Well, I didn’t realize I has left my phone charger in the car, so I got up and had to leave back out. Yall guess who was by the door….Nicki! Yes, Nicki! The person I was hoping to see at the other Starbucks. She had just got off work and was stopping by the store before she went home. She also had been redirected from the Starbucks we both frequent, due to the same road closure. Funny huh? These are not coincidences yall. This is how the spirit leads us through our day. If we allow HIM to guide us, we will always be in the right place at the right time in order to fulfill HIS Divine purposes.

Nicki and I were both so surprised and happy to see each other. We hugged like long lost family. Mind you I have only met Nicki twice. We shared our stories, struggles, future goals. We even talked about our children and shared prayers for their guidance and success. We found out our sons are close in age, so I called my son, and they will be linking up at some point. This is precisely how the network of God works. It’s always bigger than us and our plans. Gods’ ways are greater than ours, so we always have to trust that He has our best interest at heart.

This time our conversation got even deeper, and we talked about kingdom assignments. She already knows what she wants to do. She is being guided to something much greater. But God is preparing her to leave the rat race. She is ready, but it just takes that next push for you to dive all the way in. I know she will do it soon, because I could see it in her. Knowing that God has a bigger plan for her dreams and talents. Everything she has done up to this moment has prepared and equipped her for what God wants her to step into. We always have the best conversations. I share my kingdom travels and she share hers as well. We may not share the same beliefs, but we know what is happening right now, with Gods people, is going to shift the entire world.

So, after we finished discussing all of that, out of the blue she pulled out her phone and told me about an amazing nonprofit organization downtown. She showed me their website and told me all about what they do. She said you should go down there and worship with them. She explained that what they do there aligns with exactly what I am doing. This excited me so much! I was ready to leave out the door and go straight there. But I knew God wanted me to write. So, we hugged. I thanked her and we both went our separate ways.

Well about 10 minutes later she walks into the Starbucks and places some money in my hand very discreetly. She begins to tell me about other places I can visit while I am in that area. She told me about River Street and the different things there are to do downtown. She told me about the most beautiful park to go sit and have some tea or coffee, worship or read a book. Nicki wanted to make sure I got the full experience of the downtown area. She said she felt my energy and was proud of me for what I have been doing in the kingdom. Not only did she want me to have the most amazing and peaceful day, but she also wanted to make sure she contributed to this special day that I was about to have. Nicki was just as excited for me, as if it was her going for her first time. This is how the kingdom works. God will place it in somebody’s heart or spirit to give you what you need for the next step of your journey. If I would have not been obedient, or moved the way I wanted to move, I would have missed not only the next direction, but the provision he wanted me to have, aka kingdom currency.

God loves to spoil you when you work in his kingdom. He makes sure to lavish you with vacations, good food, sweet treats, nice clothes, entertainment etc. And the only thing he asks, is that you are grateful, have a repentant and humble heart, you worship HIM alone, and you allow HIM to guide your steps. Place your life fully in HIS hands and let him take the wheel. It’s hard, I get it, but let me tell you once you give up a bit of the control, your life will shift in ways you never imagined. It’s the freedom and peace we are always searching and fighting for. God is just trying to show us, why fight for something that I will give you freely, if you just submit your life to me. Your creator. Your first love. Your protector. Your number One Fan. The one that knows every desire of your heart and soul. He wants to give it to you freely. He wants to spoil you and give you what no man or woman on earth can truly give you. Isn’t that what we have been searching for our entire lives…

Okay, back to my story…LOL

Me sharing the stories about my kingdom travels had made her start thinking about what she wants to do next in her life. How important freedom is on earth vs the hustler lifestyle this world has forced on us. She is ready for her soul to be fed, which makes me so happy, because I know she deserves it so much. FREEDOM. This is how God wants HIS people to live. Not like the people of Egypt. He wants us to be free to live, worship, take care of our families and build kingdom wealth, without all of the stress, anxiety, health issues etc. We are not built or created to live in this way. But, okay, you know I get off topic.

But Nicki ended up leaving and I got straight to work. I was so excited, but I knew God wanted me to write for a little bit, so I kept writing. Well, about 10 minutes later a beautiful woman, who worked at the Starbucks walked up. She just wanted to say the greetings to me, because she was in fact a Muslim. She was from Afghanistan. I knew right out that this wasn’t a chance meeting. From the first sentence the assignment was clear. This woman was ready for her kingdom assignment. She didn’t know specifically what God wanted her to do, but HE had already started placing in her heart the need to get closer to HIM. This beautiful soul knew in her heart she no longer wanted to live the way she had been living. She wants to be more fulfilled, closer to God, and walking in her purpose.

Guys, she did not hear me and Nicki’s conversation, as she came on duty shortly after Nicki left. So, you can imagine my surprise, thinking about the conversation I had just had with Nicki. The passion for change and forward movement that I saw in this woman gave me chills all over my body. As we exchanged information, I knew the fire had been ignited to figure out her next steps. She told me straight up; she is ready for her kingdom assignment. She said the word YES many times in our conversation. We ended our conversation, even though we both obviously had so much more to say. She went to the front, and I packed up. As I walked out the door, I said goodbye and Salaam, which means peace in Arabic. She looks at me and said when will you be back. I told her tomorrow, with so much conviction. We both knew we had another divine appointment.

After this meeting, I was like wow God…two obvious God led encounters I was supposed to have, but I would have missed, had I been opposed to God’s redirection. Everything you learn as a kingdom ambassador, while you are doing kingdom work is truly from trial and error. God places you in real life situations, so you can get what I will call “on the job training.” In my opinion that has been the best way for me, because once I understand something and have been through it myself, I wont ever lose that wisdom or life lesson.

After leaving Starbucks it was like the day took on a life of itself. The other chosen Kings and Queens that I encountered just Wow!!! I met a group of women, and all of them in the group were God Chosen. You see how God is bringing us all together to meet and enjoy one another’s company. Our energy together was unreal. From the moment they asked me to take their group picture, it was like we were destined to be in one another’s presence. When you see their picture, you will understand precisely what I am talking about. I’m telling you their spirits you could feel even if you were standing across the street…LOL Truly a divine connection. We talked about God first and foremost. Ironically, they had just visited a cemetery, so we ended up talking about how short this life is for us not to be walking in our purpose. We talked about how none of the “stuff,” in this life that we fight for and hold on to so tightly can be taken with us when we leave this earth.

Yall, just think about it, on a bridge, at the River Center, in Savannah, Georgia, a group of seemingly different people from various religions, backgrounds, and upbringings were able to find something that we could all relate to, and that was the spirit of God. Their love and passion for God was so evident. Let me tell you, I felt the exact moment when everything shifted, and we all looked around at each other. It was like although they are white and I am black, they are Christian and I am Muslim, it was that moment when that all fell away, and we realized… we are sisters. Yes, sisters. These are my sisters. We want the same things. We all want to live a purposeful life, while serving God at the same time. I get chills again as I write this because the world is changing. It’s like a runaway train and nobody can stop it.

Sadly, one of the young ladies had just lost her little sister, while she was on the trip. She said I reminded her so much of her sister. My mannerisms, the way I spoke, and everything. We hugged, and talked about her sister, and how many people her sister touched in her short life. She battled, the battle of all battles, just like us, because she too was Chosen. I have tears in my eyes because although I didn’t know her sister, her story matched mine, and many other Chosen women and men. I cry as I write this, because we fight long and hard, hoping and praying that through it all, the people that we encounter and come face to face with will never forget the impact that we had on them and their lives. This is our life’s purpose. To love. To heal. To honor. To serve. Today, I honor her sister, and her life. She earned her wings. God speed to our dear sister.

I talked to many people yesterday, but guys I will be typing for the next couple of days if I tell you about my whole day..LOL. I cannot miss Mike though….Mannnn. Mike is another powerhouse in the kingdom! I walked by him and my whole body reacted. Chills and everything. I knew exactly who he was in the kingdom and the level that he had already reached. Good God! This man was something else in every sense of the word. We talked about spiritual warfare, and how God elevates us in the kingdom from what we face. We talked about LIFE. We talked about what our lives are going to be like going forward. He is homeless at the moment, but you would have never known it seeing him sit on the bench, and after talking to him. He was so at peace. Just sitting there waiting for God to give him the next direction, for his journey, and here I walk up. It was another Divine Connection. Right place, Right time. Imagine if I would have not allowed God to redirect my steps, I would have missed meeting this wonderful soul. I truly enjoyed our conversation and the knowledge and wisdom he had to share. You already know, it was like we knew each other in a previous life. We just talked, and talked, enjoying the beautiful scenery that was surrounding us. We both had to agree, although life is not perfect, the moments God has been given us lately, to just sit and think, taking us out of the rat race and “hustle,” mentality of the world, is the true gift of life. FREEEDOM even in imperfect circumstances.

Through my pictures you will see how my day turned out. What I had planned was nothing in comparison to what God had planned for me yesterday. Sometimes Gods redirection, is a blessing in disguise. What I thought would be an amazing day, God turned into something totally different but way better. God is always trying to give us way more than what our minds can imagine, but sometimes we get stuck in our plans. I was trying to go to Disney land and God was redirecting me to Disney World...LOL...not really but you get what I mean right??

What plan are you holding on to instead of letting God redirect your steps?

I tried to post as many pics and videos as I could. This is all downtown Savannah!!!!

When you work in the kingdom, using your natural God given talents, creativity, and gifts, every single day will be supernatural” ~ Glad Tidings

These are Short Videos:

Videos of the Savannah Candy Company, JW Marriott and the Riverwalk are posted below.