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Glad Tidings Royal Blendz, LLC

Glad Tidings on the GO!!!

One on One Life Coaching Sessions 


Each one of our homeless clients has the ability to sign-up for our Life Coaching services. They will be allotted two free 20 minute sessions, which will give them the resources, motivation and the fire they need to move forward. Sometimes, all an individual needs is a little encouragement and to be pointed in the right direction. Although 20 minutes may seem like a short time, the impact we are able to make is life changing. Prior to our meeting, we will assess each clients situation to ensure we cover all of the bases needed for them to have a shift in at least one area of their lives. Our main focus for our clients is forward movement, keeping in mind that it's not about speed, but direction.

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Life Coaching services will be provided also for those who have a stable place to live, but are low-income. It's hard to access life coaching services when you are homeless, low-income or have no insurance. Glad Tidings will provide two free 20 minute sessions. We will assess each clients situation prior to the appointment ensuring that we fully understand all bases that need to be covered. Our main goal during our first appointment is to ensure our client moves forward in at least one area of their lives. Not only move forward, but regain their motivation to improve the other areas, reminding them the whole way that life is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

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New Client

Life Coaching services will be available at a fee of $25.00 for clients who are working, have a stable place to live and are able to pay for our services. Even with a job and health insurance it's hard to find affordable, and effective life coaching services. Glad Tidings will provide these services either setting up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments; depending on what's best for our client. We want to make sure each one of our clients move forward having the ability to set appointments as their circumstances change or opportunities arise. Each clients situation will be assessed prior to their first appointment ensuring that our time together is impactful.

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