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Glad Tidings Royal Blendz, LLC

Prayer Request

If you are in need of a prayer for any reason, send us a message and we will pray for you. We are able to pray for you without implementing any parts of our specific religious beliefs and practices. 

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Thank you! Your message was sent successfully. Always remember, you have the power! You have the authority to speak to whatever your situation is!!! God hears you and is fighting with you! DONT GIVE UP!!!!

Spiritual Healing Services

Ruqyah Cleansing Water

Glad Tidings makes spiritual cleansing water to clear your path and move you forward. It will help you to cleanse your body from any witchcraft, evil eye, and jinn (demonic) possession holding you back and hindering you from marriage, jobs, bearing children etc. You can drink the water or bathe with it. Or, you can do both and it will change your life in ways you cannot imagine. This is what changed me and my children's lives and allowed us to move forward in our journey towards healing our blood lines.

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Ruqyah Body Cleansing 

Glad Tidings will perform Ruqyah which can remove black magic, evil eye, witchcraft, jinn (demonic) possession, and many ailments you may be suffering from. Ruqyah is very strong and will change your life as God permits. Ruqyah is a service where Quran is used for your healing. There will never be a time that you are not a part of what is being said or done when it comes to your healing. If you follow the instructions that goes along with the treatment, you will see results pretty quickly. 

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Spiritual House Cleansing 

Many times jinns (demons) will get into our homes and cause all types of issues. They love to break appliances, flood your home, cause unexplained chaos and noise disturbances to keep you in fear and unable to rest in your homes. They also love to riddle your home with roaches, bed bugs, mice, flies, gnats or anything that will keep you unable to get comfortable in your own home. This service will clean out your home, so that you can find it as a place of peace and refuge as God intends. 

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The Beginning......

When God saw that I was serious about moving forward in my journey and that HE could trust me, HE started to lead me towards things that would heal me and my children. One of the first things God led me to was Ruqyah Water or Spiritual Cleansing Water. I learned how to make the water, and I would make it everyday. Let me tell you, drinking and bathing in this water changed our lives. It opened up so many doors that had been closed to us for so long. Not only did my life change, my finances increased, relationships got stronger, health improved drastically. It was like a veil was lifted from my eyes and I started to see everything clearly, even my enemies. And guess what the enemies that were most dangerous to me, were the closest to family😱. I mean it was a miracle!! it was like the earth shifted. Just to show you how powerful this water is, I have to share a small part of the story. So, after me and my children would bathe in the water, we would take the remaining water and pour it into the dirt area close to my apartment. We did this because we didn't want the holy water pouring down the drain. Let me tell you, we were in the dead of winter at that time, and no flowers were in sight. But all of a sudden a beautiful flower ( actual picture below) appeared out of nowhere. Well guess what, my daughter finally revealed that when she would pour the water out, it would be in that very place everyday. We were all shocked by her confession! I quickly called my son and his wife over to see it and nobody could believe it. But, after that moment, everybody became believers. This led to the spiritual journey and healing not only for my children, but also my grandchildren. God showing us the power of prayer and the cleansing water set the stage for my family to move forward on our journey towards breaking generational curses and cleansing our bloodlines. It made my kids believe in the power of the Most High God like never before. All of my children now, are prayer warriors, and know that prayer and the power of Gods words can move mountains. They can even make the water all by themselves, imagine that!! There is nothing like Glad Tidings (Good News) reminding you that the Lord is with you and working on your behalf for you to be victorious on this earth. And, from this day, I knew I wanted to spread Glad Tidings to Gods believers no matter who they are and where they are, letting them know that God is with them, even when he seems silent, he is there. ~ Glad Tidings on the GO!